20 Best ways to increase the Cmputer Speed

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  Here are 20 ways to increase you computer speed!!!

  Install an antivirus that fits your budget and your computer.  Free antivirus though.  Just want to update regularly anyway.

Some complain that the computer is slow and the work is not progressing.  The first thing to understand is that the speed of your computer depends on your processor and RAM.  However, there are some dirt to get to its maximum speed

  1.  Don't put too many icons on the desktop. 
  2.  Delete unused software permanently. Uninstall unused software. 
  3. Many software programs are working in the background without our knowledge. 
  4. Delete all unnecessary files.  This allows the processor to easily search for and recover data from the hard disk. 
  5. Use only a few good fonts.  Fonts tend to make your computer slower than you think. 
  6. Defragment the disk at least once a month.  This will reduce the hard disk workload. 
  7. Check and correct disk borders.  This will also improve hard disk performance. 
  8. Avoid live desktop and slide show.  These are programs that are running in the background.  
  9. Remove any unwanted Windows features.  This will also reduce the misuse of processing power.  It can also be RAM free and save harddisk space. Install Windows Updates.  
  10. If you are using the original Windows operating system, check and install the latest updates (do not update if you are a fake copy) Clean and fix the registry.  It can use software like C-Cleaner.  These will greatly improve performance. 
  11. Remove Internet History.  Internet history is one of the many temporal files that can be created. 
  12. Opening up a number of programs can increase memory usage. 
  13. Also avoid having multiple tabs open in the browser. 
  14. Do not copy multiple files at a time.  This adds to the workload for harddisk.  
  15. Do not store too many files in one folder.  Use subfolders.  The processor takes a long time to access the folders with more files. 
  16. Remove the necessary startup programs.  This will enable the computer to function quickly. 
  17. Install all required drivers.  If the drivers of the display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not available, performance will be negligible.
  18. Update drivers.  The latest drivers provide the best performance. 
  19. Disable Automatic Updates.  Otherwise they will start looking for updates as soon as the computer connects to the Internet and the Internet will slow down.
  20. Install antivirus that suits your budget and computer. Free antivirus though.  Just want to update regularly anyway.

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