5 Best way to recover WhatsApp messages

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 5  Best ways to get back deleted WhatsApp message!!

 Deleted messages will not be returned if the back-up option is not given.  But apply these five ways

It is customary to delete whatsapp messages or to delete them due to some personal matter.  But once again it is not easy to get deleted messages later.  But whatsApp messages stored on Google Drive or iCloud are easy to recover.

 Deleted messages are only returned if the backup option is turned on on WhatsApp on the phone.  Deleted messages will not be returned if the back-up option is not given.  But apply these five ways.  Let us bring back the deleted messages.

 WhatsApp Backup Option: 

Once the message backup option is turned on in WhatsApp, the data will be saved to Google Drive.  To do so, select the Settings option in WhatsApp.  You can set the frequency of chat back-up in the settings by taking the Chats option.  Chat backup has options for every day, once a week or once a month.  It is also possible to manually back up messages.  IPhone has the same options.

 Cloud Backups Message: 

There are several ways to recover backed up messages in the cloud.  Data is backed up by Google Drive and iCloud overnight.  So it's easy to get messages if they are after a night out.

 Message Recover via WhatsApp Uninstall: 

This is a restoring method that can be used on both Android and i phones.  Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on the phone.  After installing the phone number and logging into your account, WhatsApp will ask you to restore the message from CloudBackup and you will get your messages back in the cloud when you enter Yes.  But when this message is returned, you may lose the messages between the last cloud backup and uninstalling the app.

 Message Recovery Through Local Backup (Androids Only): 

Local backup on Android phones is capable of recovering messages.  But messages on this method are not recoverable on iPhones.  If Google Drive has overridden your messages, you can retrieve the messages in this style.  To do this, go to File Manager and choose the WhatsApp folder and look for the Database folder in it.  This is a folder where WhatsApp data is stored locally.

 File Renaming: 

Select the file msgstore.db.crypt12 in the backup files in the database folder and rename it to msgstore_BACKUP.db.crypt12.  This is the most recent backup file.  You can revert to the original name and restore it.

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