Google can help you when your mobile phone are lost or stolen

Lost your mobile phone?  Don't be afraid Google will help you!!!!

 If your phone has an active net connection, Google will show you where to look.

It is almost impossible to live without smartphones.  So what if one day we suddenly lose our mobile phone?  Even if you do not remember where to put it for a while, your heart rate may increase.

 But if your phone has an active net connection, Google will show you where to look.  The phone should have a google account and a GPS functionality.

 How do I find it?

When using desktop.

  •  If on desktop, sign in to Gmail account
  •  Click on the profile icon at the top right
  • Select the Google Account
  •  In the window that opens, select the security option on the left.
  •  In the option on your devices, click on Find a lost or stolen phone
  •  You have the option to select the phone you want to find.
  •  Enter the Gmail password

 When using mobile.

 If you're trying to find a smartphone with a mobile phone;

  •  Open the Gmail App
  •  If it's not your phone, select Add another account and log into your Gmail.
  •  Click on the photo above to see the Manage your google acount option.  Click on it
  •  Select the security option above
  •  Click on Find a lost or stolen phone
  •  Select your phone
  •  You can verify that you are the one who entered the Gmail password.
  •  After doing this you will be directed to the Guggle Map.  Your mobile location will be shown there. 
  •  You can also choose the Play Sound option if it is shown next to you.  Even if your mobile phone is in silent mode, it will be a bell.  Listen to the voice and find out where the phone is.

 Now, suppose you lost your phone so that you can not get it back.  If your phone is not locked, there is a possibility of stealing information on your phone.  If so, it can also lock the phone.  You can also send a recovery message to another phone number that you provide.

 If the phone is lost forever, Google offers the option of Erase the Device.  This is the option to destroy all the information on the phone.  Google will back them up so they can be recovered later.

 Now, the time when you uninstall the data is not even on the stolen phone, but the next time you turn on the net, all the data has disappeared.  Google has also launched the Find My Device app.  The above procedures should be followed in this regard.

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