Things to do first did your mobile phone fall into water and get wet.

Below you can read everything you should and shouldn't do when your phone is dampened.

 What not to do?

  •  Do not turn the phone on. 
  • Do not press any buttons. 
  • Do not press or move. 
  • Do not move the phone down, up or down.
  •  If you run out of water, you can run to other areas. 
  • Do not heat the dryer or the microwave or freeze the water in the fridge.

 You must first notice each of the above.  If any of this is done, it will probably put the phone in a state of disrepair.

 What else can you do?

  • Turn off if ON.  It is not advisable to run the phone in damp conditions.  
  • Turn off the phone's memory card, SIM, and battery.  Keeping it in place can cause problems with the SIM, memory card, and battery. 
  • After all, many parts of the vessel are completely legible, and wipe slowly to clean.
  • It is the potency of the water and the water can be as small as a genre, all the water is completely sure that it is completely canceled. 

Only a few time to look to use the phone. Then check what's working and what's damaged.  Otherwise you can give the phone straight to a service center.

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