3 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog.

3 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

Blogging has its own pitfalls and there are so many things you have to know before starting a blog ao that you won’t end up closing up your blog a few days after starting it, this post will be talking about 3 things to know before starting a blog.

1.Having a blog is No Guarantee of you maiking Money online.

Many people believe blogging is a really simple way to make money online and all they need to do is setup a blog and begin to make money online, blogging is a very difficult way to make money online and before you can even think of making money online you have to build a great audience and you must have serious traffic to your blog.

Even if you have traffic, there is still no assurance of you making money online, you also must be very wise in monetizing your blog.

2.Other Niches can be better than Blogging Niches.

The blogging niche is not the most profitable niche and it is always better to follow your passion by starting a blog about what you know than just jumping into the blogging niche.

Even though you can make cool money in the blogging niche, not everybody succeed in it and you will eventually discover you would have found it easier to make money in other niches.

3.There is nothing called "build it and they will come.

As a blogger, you are kept in a dungeon, in a very far cave and you have to work hard to get your blog to the road side. You don’t just write great posts and expect people to come but you have to focus your efforts on getting the word out for your blog.

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