If people can make a 1TB storage device, why can't they make 1TB of RAM? --besttechy.ga

It’s certainly possible to make a device with 1TB RAM. It’s just far more expensive.
And just to be clear, there are many, many commercial machines with 1TB and beyond, and have been for years. Supercomputers, scientific computers, large database servers, large web servers, cloud computing servers, etc. In fact, it’s so very common I interpreted this question only in the context of one’s home personal computer. In 2017, Hewlett-Packard built a 160TiB computer, dubbed “The Machine,” for research into “memory-driven computing”.
So there is no need to tell me about your 1 TiB+ computer and application unless you bought it yourself and it’s at your house, not your place of business. If you have more memory in your home PC than “The Machine,” I’m really interested… invite me over for beers!
The big old Threadripper in my desktop PC only supports 128GiB DRAM. But processors built for servers, Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC, will support 1TB+ RAM. The EPYC 7742 will support 4TB RAM, and the price of the RAM won’t seem so shocking when you learn the price of your 64-core CPU is about $7,500!

Here’s a 64GB microSD card. I found this on Amazon for $12.49 just now… directly from Amazon and Sandisk, too, so it’s not even a fake. Why so cheap? Well, flash memory is much slower and inherently much cheaper than RAM. It’s higher density, and more space efficient. This is probably using 3D memory chips, with each floating gate transistor storing 3-bits of data (TLC Flash) and storage stacks 40+ devices high. An SD-card has a 4-bit-wide bus, a DDR-4 DIMM has a 64-bit-wide bus.

Or just buy one of these M.2 SSDs for just over $100. Flash is just inherently cheaper than RAM. Or for the same price, maybe an 8TB hard drive. Magnetic storage is cheaper still.
And practically no individual needs 64GB of RAM, much less 1TB. Sure, very large servers, very large databases may, but that isn't usually a thing you have at home, or in a personal computer. What are you going to do with all that RAM?

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