Andvantages and working of an E-Mail.

Hello guys, here iam sharing about E-Mail and working of an E-Mail.

What Is E-Mail(Electronic Mail)?

E-Mail(Electronic Mail):-

      It is an electronic message  send from one computer to another through the internet. For sending and receiving e-mail you need e-mail address. An e-mail address has the following form,

     E-mails can also be accessed using e-mail client software installed in our computer. Such software use our e-mail id and password for accessing the e-mail.The message send when the computer is offline are stored by the e-mail clints and send later when the computer is online. Examples for e-mail client are Microsoft Outlook,Mozilla  Thunderbird etc.E-mail client use POP(Post Office Protocol )and IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol )protocols. 

Sections of e-mail:-

-To:-E-mail address of primary recipients.
-Cc(Carbon Copy):-E-mail address of secondary recipients. 

-Bcc(Blind Carbon Copy):-E-mail address of teritary recipients (when the message is received by the primary and secondary recipients they can't see the address of teritary recipients ).

-Subject:-Meaningful subject for the e-mail.
-Content :-You can type your message here.

Working of e-mail:-

When an e-mail is send from your computer, it first reaches the e-mail server of our e-mail service provider. From there the e-mail is touted to the recipients e-mail server through the internet. The recipient's e- mail server delivers the  e-mail to recipients inbox which stores the message. SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) is used e-mail communication. 

Advantages of e-mail:-

1-Speed is high. 
2-It is cheap. 
3-We can send e-mail to multiple recipients. 
4-Incoming messages can be saved locally. 
5-It reduce the usage of paper. 
6-We can access mailbox anytime and from anywhere. 

Disadvantages of e-mail:-

1-E-mail can carry virus which may harm your system and files. 
2-Unwanted mails send from companies for the sales promotion of a product or service is called junk mails. It may cause trouble. 
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