Google Pay can no longer search for businesses and jobs

Google Pay is no longer just a payment app.  You can also find jobs in it.  You can also add credit and debit cards to it.  The company also introduced Google Pay for Businesses.  Google has made a series of announcements to strengthen its presence in India.  It is important to note that an Artificial Intelligence Research Lab will be started in Bangalore.

 The announcement was made at the Google for India event in New Delhi .  Officials announced that Google Pay is no longer just a payment platform, but also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to customize and use their own credit and debit cards and find entry-level jobs.

Google Pay for Business

 Google today introduced Google Pay for Business, a free app that will make big changes in the business landscape.  This will make it easier to make online payments.  Spot, a software platform introduced by Google, gives businesses the opportunity to bring their offerings to customers.  For example, Google Pay users can view a restaurant by offering their services on the app.  Some businesses, such as Make My Trip and Redbus, are currently using this system.

 Google also introduced sports codes similar to QR codes.  This enables customers to shop, scan quickly, and pay for their products.  According to Google, Google Pay in India has 67 million users.

In collaboration with companies such as swiggy, Dunzo, 24Seven, FabHotels and HealthCart, Google offers startup jobs and part-time jobs.  It is also planned to change this platform for the benefit of all sections.

 Google has also made use of Google Assistant for 2G phones without internet.  Vodafone-Idea phone line can be answered by calling Google Assistant and answering questions.  It is a 24 hour service.

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