You need to know these things to working in front of a computer...!!!!

Since many people have to do all the work on a computer, continuous contact with the computer cannot be avoided.  But sitting in front of a computer for too long can be damaging to the eyes.  It may also affect vision in the future.  Keeping it open for a long time will reduce the moisture in the eye.  Reduces tear production.  The disease can also cause infection.  Some people may even have blind spots.  Here are some things that computer users need to know.

  •  Eye problems associated with computer use are called computer vision syndrome.  There are many kinds of this.  One of the most deadly of these is superfine punctate keratitis, which is pierced around the eye.  The use of anti-glare glasses can help to reduce the impact of computer rays.  Artificial tears can be used as per doctor's advice.
  •  Avoid sitting alone.  Take small breaks and big breaks.  Take 10 minutes of rest for one hour.  Or look at the object every thirty minutes or so.
  •  Don't look.  Occasionally the eye may be blinking.  Avoid looking only at the screen.  Looking at other objects in the distance can reduce strain.  Get up and walk.  Wash your face.
  •  Placing green plants in a computerized room will help reduce eye strain.  The height should be adjusted so that the top of the monitor is straight to the eye.
  •  Keep at least three and a half feet with the monitor.  Don't look into the computer.  One solution is to use anti-glare glasses.  It is thought to reduce radiation problems by up to 80%.
  •  In a computerized room, there should be space for easy movement.  Dust, heat, cold and noise should be avoided.

  •  The ophthalmologist says that having a seat higher than the computer can relieve eye problems and other physical problems to some extent.  Doctors say that the person's seat should be adjusted 30 to 40 degrees higher than the computer.  The mouse pad should be placed next to the wrist.  The monitor should be at least one arm apart.

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