What are the Things that should not search on google.

Google search
We're looking for the answer to everything in Google.  Google searches for everything from cooking food to online banking to looking for medications for illness.  But for some things, this kind of searching can endanger us.  Which ones should we avoid?

For all things, beware of those who rely on Google search.

1. Don't search on google of online banking websites.

 There are many fake sites online that look similar to your bank's website.  Just enter your username and password and you will get scammed.  So, do the online banking by typing in the official URL of the bank.

 2. Drugs and Symptoms.

 Google is not the place to look for symptoms and search for drugs.  Buying drugs with Google information alone without the doctor's risk is dangerous.

3. Don't ask Diet on Google.

 Many of us rely on Google for Diet and Nutrition.  There are a lot of people who have lost their health by adopting diets in the excitement of losing weight.  Keep in mind that the dietitian must prescribe a diet that is tailored to each person's body and health.  Similarly, begin new exercises with the advice of a doctor or specialist.  Especially those with various ailments.


 4. Customer care numbers of companies.

 There are many people in the online world who make fake business listings and attach customer care numbers to people.

5. Don't ask for financial advice.

 Do not rely on Google for advice on investing in the stock market or financial advice.  A single investment plan may not be suitable for everyone.  Just like health, everyone's financial situation, financial needs and ability to take risks are different.

6. Avoid social media login via on Google.

 Skip the Google search and login method to access social media accounts.  Instead, type the URL directly into the address box.  This is because of the possibility of going to fake sites.

 7. Don't look for offers.

 When you google search through the offers on e-commerce sites, you may come across fake sites.  Also don't rely on Google Search for coupon codes to get discounts.  Remember how dangerous it is for online banking to buy product from fake sites?  Fraudsters can easily access your bank account login information.

 8. Don't look at porn sites

 Pony sites on Google, you may find later.  Pop-up ads are based on your Google search.

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