Working from home? Here are the best apps for video conferencing apps to use when pursuing a remote working style?

Here are the best apps for video conferencing  apps to use when pursuing a remote working style?

Video conferencing apps

The concept of virtual office is becoming more important now.  This is due to the fact that most of the establishments' offices are now closed, in an attempt to prevent the pestilence of Covid19.  But these are virtual functions. Globally all firms are adopting a work-from-home style without going to offices.  What are the best video conferencing apps to use when pursuing a remote working style?

Zoom cloud meetings

 Zoom is a great application for business purposes.  It has video, audio conferencing, chat and webinar features.  This app can be used on mobile, desktop or phone.  Up to 100 people can be added in its basic variant.  For group meetings, there is a time limit of up to 40 minutes.

 But if there is a video call between two people there is no time limit.  Zoom has a variant for small and medium-sized businesses and an enterprise version.  It only costs $ 20 a month.  This is the best app that home professionals can choose from.  

Google Hangouts

 Hangouts is the most widely used group video calling system among corporates.  Corporate companies are increasingly using the paid service Google Business Hangouts.  But regular Google Hangouts are free.  There are many features, including ease of use, many features.

 It can be used on Android and iOS.  Up to 25 people can participate in the video conferencing simultaneously on the free variant.  But in the enterprise version, up to 250 people can make a video call.  Meetings can be recorded and saved.  Google has released its enterprise-level version to the G Suite and Education customers in the Covid 19 environment until early July.


 Skype alone is credited with making video calling popular among the general public.  It has video, audio and messaging features.  Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, will run on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.  The company claims that the maximum number of audio conferencing can be up to 50 people, but the number of people who can perform video conferencing varies depending on the system we use.  It can record, save and share video calls.

Facebook Messenger

 Facebook Messenger is free and easy to use.  This App also a video conferencing facility and it is commonly used to send messages.  It's totally free.  MESSENGER can video conferencing up to 50 people at a time.  But Facebook Messenger is not used on a professional level.  It is also known as the WhatsApp for interacting with family and friends.

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